Do You Know The Difference Between Child Support And Child Maintenance?

Taking care of a child is not an easy task these days with the increase in prices of every daily routine item. Especially, if the parents of the child aren’t living under the same roof as that requires as that leads to several complications. Child support is basically a form of monetary help to the parents who have a child under the age of 18. If the legal authorities find out that the living condition of the family is not up to the mark they might be able apply for a financial support scheme from the related authorities. Despite the obvious differences many people often use both these terms interchangeably because of lack of awareness about this topic.

Child maintenance is a financial responsibility of one parent to pay to their former partner who is now the legal custodian of the kid. This fee may cover the everyday factors of the child such as food, shelter, and clothes. After carefully examining the salary and financial capability of both the sides the court decides who is to pay what percentage of money for the child every month. For the best child support services in the UK make sure to learn more about the company at now.

However, child support is not taxed and its amount is calculated by the governing area’s guidelines. Health insurance and medical needs are also included in it which is there to provide the child a stable life. As kids are highly susceptible to getting sick or injured, this is the reason courts usually have high focus on this part especially if the kid needs extra medical attention. This type of financial support terminates when the kid gets older than 21 and starts attending college.

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