Best Kids Thermos For Fresh Food and Drinks Throughout the Day

A thermos container is a perfect companion for the days when you are on the go. A dynamic life should not interfere with the quality or the flavor of the foods and beverages that you consume and that is an important lesson that you should teach your children. The thermos cups, bottles or food jars are convenient because they keep food or drinks in tip top condition until you are ready to serve them.

The best lunch thermos containers provide you with the peace of mind that your little one enjoys a freshly cooked, hot meal for lunch or a tasty fruit juice or milkshake that you prepared controlling the ingredients or the added sugar.

Models these days come in different shapes, sizes or colors that guarantee the kids would love and therefore be even more opened to use.

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The Secrets to Perfect Spritz Cookies

When I was a kid, my grandmother would keep tins of Royal Dansk–brand cookies at her house. I’d pick through the ruffled paper liners to find my favorite ones (the rings dusted with coarse sugar, of course), biting into them and feeling the crisp crumb melt away into buttery richness on my tongue.* Spritz cookies are great any time of year, but they’re especially nice around the holidays because you can bake them into festive shapes using the top rated cookie press and decorate them with colorful sanding or decorating sugar.

The ingredients list is remarkably simple: just butter, sugar, vanilla, salt, eggs, and flour. And even though spritz cookies with deformed features or overly browned edges will still taste great, as with most simple foods, it’s the technique that holds the key to taking good up to perfect. Our technique, which we first developed a few years ago, has its own tricks to ensure success.

The first is to cream the butter and the sugar. And I mean really cream that butter and sugar. A full seven minutes in the stand mixer is what we’re looking for to produce the lightest, crispest cookies possible.

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Best Brownie Mix

There are dozens of chocolate brownie mixes in the grocery store and it is hard to know which one to choose. We went to work, testing all of the most popular and readily available brownie mixes on the market to find out the best brownie mix.

I knew that I needed to bring in the big guns. This couldn’t be just a small brownie taste test. I had to bring in some of my foodie friends to be my judges, to determine the duncan hines brownie mix review winner.  This was a legit brownie taste test to see which brownie would be declared the winner.

I brought in 20 judges.  This way I could ensure that we had a variety of taste testers with different palettes.  I had a few rules and one of them was they couldn’t communicate with each other while tasting the brownies. I studied a phenomenon called “group think” in college and know people can be swayed by other people’s opinions. So it had to be less talking and more eating!  They were happy to oblige because I was offering them BROWNIES.

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