There are dozens of chocolate brownie mixes in the grocery store and it is hard to know which one to choose. We went to work, testing all of the most popular and readily available brownie mixes on the market to find out the best brownie mix.

I knew that I needed to bring in the big guns. This couldn’t be just a small brownie taste test. I had to bring in some of my foodie friends to be my judges, to determine the duncan hines brownie mix review winner.  This was a legit brownie taste test to see which brownie would be declared the winner.

I brought in 20 judges.  This way I could ensure that we had a variety of taste testers with different palettes.  I had a few rules and one of them was they couldn’t communicate with each other while tasting the brownies. I studied a phenomenon called “group think” in college and know people can be swayed by other people’s opinions. So it had to be less talking and more eating!  They were happy to oblige because I was offering them BROWNIES.

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