Home Improvement And Its Upkeep

In the old days, plaster used to be every home builder’s go to material for insulating walls and because of its durability, it still is widely used in a lot of construction projects. However, back in the day there weren’t any alternatives to plaster out there, which is why it makes sense to say that if we had drywall or gypsum boards back then, then maybe we wouldn’t have so much plaster everywhere.

Are you remodelling your home? Perhaps you need to repair your drywall or plaster? In either case, we’ll tell you some of the advantages of plaster and some of its disadvantages, which are covered by dry wall, so you can decide whether the plaster is worth repairing or whether it’s time for you to move on to replace it with the alternatives.

Plaster Advantage: It’s Durable

Like we mentioned earlier, plaster is much more durable than drywall. It dries faster and in the process, it bonds together really well, making it highly resistant to knocks and dents. If you have plaster in place, you may need to repair it less frequently than drywall.

Plaster Disadvantage: It’s Harder to Repair

It’s harder to break but if it does break, it’s not going to repair that well. Plaster takes form while it is first drying and once a surface of plaster is already dry, it doesn’t bond too well with a fresher layer of wet plaster. To repair this, it’s easier to just break the old plaster and apply it all again, which can be impractical and damaging.

Plaster Advantage: It’s a Better Sound Barrier

Drywall is easier to maintain and repair but if you’re looking for sound proofing then plaster might be the better option for you. However, when it comes to insulation, drywall is the better option.

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Get That TV Off of The Table

Yes, we get it, TVs come with nice stands just so you can place them on top of a table but we’re going to tell you a few reasons why you shouldn’t put them on the table. Here’s a thought, why not get a TV wall mount instead? There are many benefits to mounting your TV on your wall instead of just putting it on top of a table and we’ll tell you about them here. Your TV might already come with a supplied wall bracket but it’s a better idea to by an aftermarket version instead so you have more adjustment options.

Now getting a TV wall mount is not hard but there are options in it that you might want to look through so that you can decide the best one for yourself. Now it can be pretty tiring to have the TV fixed into one place. Even if you secure the best seat in the house still it is highly likely that you would a little mobility with your set. That is why in this case the best thing for you would be an adjustable wall mount. They are very easy to find and very convenient. You can easily shift the TV to you required height and view it anyway you want to.

They are also very sturdy because even though the TVs today are very slim but they still have a considerable weight. That is why you need something strong to hold it so that you don’t have to worry about it falling any second. To make sure that this an accident involving your TV falling off does happen, buy a TV wall mount that can hold weight up to 10% more than the weight of your TV

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