Smartphone Cameras Are Not How You Want to Remember Birthdays

To some people, birthdays are just like any other day of the year and they like to take it nice and easy. Others among us will plan birthday parties for their friends and family members’ weeks in advance. They’ll order a custom made cake, send out invitations, make WhatsApp groups and plan out birthday bumps for the poor person who’s got their birthday. Basically, they make sure that when the day comes, it’s eventful. However, not a lot of people hire photographers for birthday parties.

If your birthday party is no bigger than 5-8 people gathering in one place then it makes sense to use your own cameras to take pictures. However, if your guest list has more than 20 people on it, then you’re basically going to have a full blown party. There will be people dancing, there will be people laughing and then for the main event, there will be so many people there and one very happy person in the middle of it all. To those attending, these are precious memories waiting to be made and for party photographers, these are nice photo ops.

No one has the patience to stop partying for a bit and take pictures when everyone else is having fun. Even when they do, they end up taking weird shaky photos to the best of their abilities. The best party photographers know how to take stable shots of people no matter what they’re doing and they make sure that they end up capturing the happiest moments and the emotions that their subjects are feeling. Only a professional photographer’s eyes know what shots to capture. Make your next birthday memorable with nice photos as well – you’ll thank yourself for this for years to come.

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