How Can a Company Enhance Its Live Chat Support Service

When you become a part of the digital world, your customers would be better able to benefit from your products and services. One way of providing excellent digital service is connecting with them via live chat.

An important advice that we can give you at this stage is to go for software like Kayako’s website chat support software so that you can fully benefit from the tool. Let us move on to the different ways you can enhance your customers’ live chat experience.

Clear Expectations

Live chat of your company should not give any customer mixed signals i.e. it should be clear about the intentions of the company. One of the main things that a customer has an expectation about is that he/she will get an immediate response from the live chat. If you do not have employees who man the position all day long then make sure that the live chat option does not even appear when there is nobody who can respond back to clients.

Short Response Time

This point concerns the time of the first response. There are many companies that do not reply immediately whenever a customer’s message comes in for the first time which is a mistake. You need to realize that a customer contacts a live chat agent when he/she wishes for immediate help. It is your duty to make sure that an employee responds back to the customer without any delay, especially to a new customer as this will build a relationship.

Inject Brand Identity

It might be unbelievable for some but customers enjoy having a conversation which connects them to the live chat agent. A clever idea is to integrate your brand’s identifying quality in the conversation which can be achieved via how the agent converses.

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The Internet Safety

There is no doubt that there is a lot of opportunities on the internet. It allows you the platform that you need in order to become a very successful person. However, if you are not safe then it could mean that you are making yourself liable for exploitation. Now, this could be extremely harmful especially if you are a internet based company. The main reason for that is that the data in your computer is not only personal or your staff based but it also contains customer information. If this information is breached then it could that your entire company might need to shut down.

Now, it isn’t hard to be safe but it does require a little time from your part. People who are trying to get into your system are mostly amateur hackers. The best way to save yourself from their attacks is to have a penetration test done on all of your computers. There are a lot of benefits to this, the number one is that it will mean that your system has improved safety. This improved safety also means that your device is safe from an external attack that could mean that the data of your customers and staff could be made viral.

This could save your company from collapsing. So, if you are a new company or are thinking of starting one then we encourage you to take this test and save yourself from any attack that could come at you. This simple test can save you from being breached an even being sued so it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. So, get your devices and computers tested and make sure that they are safe and nothing bad happens in the future.

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What is a DDoS Attack?

Remember the time when you sat with your friends on the weekend in front of the laptop to watch your favorite TV show but you couldn’t do it because all the related webpages were out of service? If you aren’t aware about the technical terms then you may not know that it might have happened due to a DDos attack, which is the acronym for Distributed Denial of Service. Many young hackers do this because of a prank or challenge given to them by their friends but it could also be due to a serious problem. No matter what the case as a hosting provider you should keep your online platform secure from such individuals who can use your confidential information for wrong purposes.

The whole scenario of DDoS occurs when a hacker sends hundreds of junk requests and spam messages to a particular website that makes it difficult for the filter to process the information. The overflow of information can result in a permanent blockage of a webpage or it can also make something high secure easily available for public access. No website is designed to withstand such amount of data in a limited time and its algorithm can trigger various kinds of dysfunctions after such as breach of security. Java Pipe is your best bet if you want to assure the safety of your company’s online platform and make sure to visit website for more information.

Various types of devices and gadgets can be used to send an uncountable amount of spam requests to a particular website which includes routers and security camera. Some software is malicious enough to take down the entire website for several days. This breach not only results in the loss of valuable data but also lack of trust from customers.

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