Most of us were so full of aspirations as children but for some reason or the other, as we grow older we grow less passionate and start accepting the ‘reality’ we’re fated to live. Those of us who get beaten down and overwhelmed by all the negativity we see around trying to be different lead ordinary lives without accomplishing what they wanted. Others, however, just don’t know how to quit on their dreams and won’t stop chasing them no matter what – that is the spirit you need to become a successful actor.

There are many aspiring actors and actresses who walk among us but they just don’t know what they can do to actually have a head start towards their dream of acting so we’re here to help you out. Getting an acting job isn’t all that easy and being motivated won’t be enough to get you past an audition either. You will need some experience to show before you can start your debut as a small time actor.

If you are a drama student then you have a foundation but even so, you’ll need some kind of training before you can get shortlisted after an audition. All actors we know and idolised started somewhere, after all and they all had some sort of acting training. Check out Christian Capozzoli’s Twitter profile to see what a budding actor is like. You might feel shy about taking an acting class but hey if you’re going to be shy at a class then you’ll have a tougher time in front of an audience, right?

Remember that you don’t have to be the best actor out there to get started and you won’t have some blast off that will instantly make you famous either, but you have to start to be a great actor someday.

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