Being operated on is no one’s idea of a time spent in comfort. There’s obviously a lot of anxiety that patients have to deal with while they’re on their way to the operation theatre but even after the doctor has sedated them, it’s still important to make sure that the patient is as comfortable as possible. This is where Normothermia comes in. The idea is to keep the patient nice and warm throughout the entire operation.

Investing in a patient warmer doesn’t cost too much but it pays off a lot in the long run. This one simple step reduces the risk of many complications throughout the procedure. Hypothermia is a very real risk during intensive surgeries. The patient’s body retains energy in the form of heat and if the body temperature drops too much during the procedure, the patient’s life may be at risk. A patient warmer helps retain heat and regulate the patient’s body temperature so that their body doesn’t go under stress.

Since there’s less of a shock on the patient’s body during the operation, the patient will have to stay at the hospital for recovery for a much shorter period of time. This can save up to $7000 per patient on an average. The operation will go better for both the doctors and the patients. Even the largest hospitals have a limit to the number of people they can keep in their ICU at a time and by using a patient warmer, doctors can greatly reduce the number of patients who have to be kept in ICU for longer than a couple of days – freeing room for more patients who need to be admitted. These patient warmers also lead to a higher level of patient satisfaction.

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